11 March, Kathmandu: More Nepalis are dying of non-communicable diseases compared to the communicable ones against the trend of some years back.

As the number of deaths due to non-communicable diseases soared, the government is planning to carry out tests of the non-communicable diseases from the village level.
According to the Ministry of Health, ratio of death of non-communicable and communicable diseases is 60 and 40 respectively.

The government had established the communicable diseases centre, later converted into Epidemiology and Diseases Control Division, 82 years ago for the first time after many people lost their lives due to communicable diseases.

But, the government is facing challenges for the control of the non-communicable diseases in the recent times.
The government has been providing Rs 100,000 in grant for the treatment of 12 serious types of diseases while the transplant of the kidney would be made free from the beginning of 2074 BS, Minister for Health Gagan Kumar Thapa said.

Executive Director of National Kidney Treatment Centre Dr Rishi Kumar Kafle said that prevalence of the non-communicable diseases has increased due to unbalanced diet, consumption of junk food, insufficient water, smoking and alcohol consumption and lack of physical exercise.

The government is also preparing to launch an initiative for providing health care services from 1,000 health posts in the country by this fiscal year for the treatment of cancer, heart diseases, high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and kidney failure.

Minister Thapa said that procuring the equipments and the part of training for the human resources has already begun.