Ishwor Aryal

Jayashankar the Indian foreign secretary keeps emerging whenever there is a big hotcake on Nepalese yard. He is frequently reported to be rude in dealing with the leaders of Nepalese political parties and his presence with very unkind and unprofessional manner has now been a big topic to be discussed. Nobody is unaware that the attempts of dragging the PM’s China tour under Indian influences is going on now.

An Indian foreign secretary has a direct and unlimited access to the PM cabinet and the presidents of other stakeholder political parties, this is the first issue to be solved. Why has he been facilitated ? Why can’t the nepalese foreign policy and it’s implementation make a mecanism to deal everything officially ? Why is there one to one meeting, that never comes out ?

There is no article on UN Charter that stops us making treaties with china. Our transit rights are always equal with India and China. Our stands on our own feet lets us move wherever we want. We have own government, our own legislative and own judiciary that is free to make decisions and implementations. We don’t need to ask anybody from where we import our necessities as the world is now on globalization and free to use anything from anywhere.Its not only binded with bilateral relation with India or China, but its a human right too.

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Nothing stops us managing our own supply chain. Nothing makes us dumb on somebody’s interference on our own matter. But its happening. Somebody is trying to dismantle our systems and mechanisms and we have been used knowingly and unknowingly.

Since the second world war, there have lots of norms been formed and are on act internationally until now. The violations of conduct of bilateral relations are not entertained but treated well. This is how the tensions get down. The best solution is to seek the international values on bilateral issues which are ongoing between Nepal and India.

We need to count a handful amount of consiquences of the treaties happened between India and Nepal that has now created a misconduct. We need to draft an impressive foreign policy and have a system of not recognizing those forces as a political forces which can not have a consent with even a single letter with the policy drafted. We should try to create a single opinion nationwide to see outside the borders, so that nobody fails on having a single sight to see our neighbours.

It needs a decontaminated leader. The leader who is unknown to India. The leader who is very much aware of every steps of India to violate our sovereignty and can have a countercheck move. We need that leader who is not accused of being corrupted.

Here Iam not blaming any of the leader being under Indian influences, but the biggest proof of their disqualification is their weaknesses that India knows. We are not waiting for that type of statesmanship, but we are killing our time. Our efforts are not result orieanted and we are now on discussion only on unrooted problems. The intensive problems are being sorrounded by us.

The neighbourhood countries can have concerns with one another, likewise India can have security concerns, border issues and economy issues with nepal. But its wide and open that India is putting concerns over the China-Nepal treaties and agreements and this seems odd. None of the Indo-Nepal agreements has defined this scenario. The effort to put the PM China trip under Indian influence has no base. These baseless acts never run on the favour of India, rather it turns us on, it makes our patriotism glow brighter.

Indian fairy diplomacy should be based upon the real ground, if they don’t know what is the realities of Nepalese people, how can they get benifited with us, my suggestions to them is to open their eyes and see us with an equal status. We are not in 19th century.

The Nepalese leaders just need to ignore the acts of New Delhi, and move on. Everybody knows that the right of existance of sovereignty is equal, and we are powerful enough to make treaties happen even without the consent of India.