15 May, Beni (Myagdi): The watermills operating in Myagdi’s rural hinterlands in the form of a cottage industry are being forced out of business.

At least 25 water mills in Marang, Bim, Muna, Barangja and Rumal among other villages have shut down due to depleting water sources. This has directly affected 25 families dependent on the water mills.

“If the climate change continues for some more years like this and drought conditions persist, the watermill business may likely be displaced,” Dil Bahadur Srish said. The mills thresh paddy, bucket wheat, maize and finger millet on a daily basis.

The grains threshed in the watermills are delicious, healthy and can be stored for a long period of time, said Man Lal Khatri, a local of Barangja. RSS