29 April, Baglung: The Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital Baglung has started operation of its own dispensary.

Hospital Development Committee Chairman, Manjeshbam Malla, inaugurated the newly introduced pharmacy. The Health Ministry had recently taken a decision that the hospitals must operate pharmacies on their own.

The pharmacy will supply 562 different types of medicines for now, Hospital’s Chief Physician, Sagar Kumar Rajbhandari shared. “The pharmacy will operate 24 hours a day,” Rajbhandari added. The patients will now receive 10 to 50 per cent discount on medicines purchased.

The Hospital has stated that it plans to add more medicine to the pharmacy’s list. The patients visiting the hospital have now been relieved of the burden of having to purchase medicines at external pharmacies at expensive rates.

As part of the Health Insurance Programme and for treatment of poor citizens, the pharmacy will also be distributing medicines cost-free.

Committee Chair Malla insisted that the hospital is working for systematic management of the medicines and human resources with an aim at making the pharmacy’s impact effective. RSS