17 July, Kathmandu: Minister for Home Affairs Janardan Sharma has insisted that the recent recommendations made by the Ministry of Home Affairs for the promotion of 11 Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs) to Additional Inspector General of Police was in the best interest of the police organization.

Speaking at a programme organized by 59th Police Communication Day at the Police Headquarters in the capital city on Sunday, Minister Sharma argued that the promotion might have hurt the sentiments of those who were not recommended but it had done justice to the overall police organization.

Sharma also believed that no injustice was meted out in furnishing the recommendations intentionally.
Underscoring the need of additional laws for the police organization, the Minister spoke of the need to forward issues relating to national security in a new and reformed manner.

He also instructed the senior police officers not to get involved into the making and dissemination of propaganda.
Email without internet service inaugurated On the occasion, Minister Sharma inaugurated HF Radio Data, the technology where email functions in absence of internet.

This technology is more reliable and deemed suitable in the security sector since there is no fear of information leakage.

Stating that the technologically-armed police organization was the need of the hour, Sharma stressed embracing the ever-evolving technology. RSS