25 Sept, Pathari (Morang): Economic crisis has loomed large in the country’s oldest and historical Biratnagar Jute Mill to continue its operation.

The government has not yet released budget as it requires Rs 100 million to resume the operation of the Mill which has the political history in the struggle for establishing democracy in Nepal.

The amount is required for the purchase of raw materials. The government had given assurance to the Mill to release budget for its operation but no arrangement has been made to that end, shared Mill’s Director Rajendra Karki.

He further informed that the task of machinery maintenance for the operation of Mill is almost in the final stage.

As many as 4,000 employees can get jobs if the Mill comes into operation in its fullest capacity.
It may be noted that former Prime Ministers Girija Prasad Koirala and Manmohan Adhikari had started their political struggle against Rana for establishment of democracy in 2007 BS. RSS