Rolpa: At least eight houses were completely gutted and one person was seriously injured when fire broke out in Kotgaun of Rolpa district last night.

The fire was sparked from the house of Ram Lal Gharti, a resident of Kotgaun Daga at 12:00 pm and spread to other houses.

Til Kumari Gharti, daughter of Ram Lal Gharti was injured and was sent to Nepalgunj after minor treatment in District Hospital, Reugha.

Eight cattle and 26 chickens were also gutted in fire in the house of the Ram Lal, said the District Police Office, Rolpa.

Houses of Rupe Gharti, Bhagiman Gharti, Tulsing Gharti, Purna Bahadur Gharti and Satimal Gharti were gutted and food grains and clothes were also destroyed.

The damage is estimated at Rs. 2.5 million.

The fire was taken under control under the initiative of the locals and police at 5:00 am today. The fire is supposed to be spread from the leakage of cooking gas at night.