13 Sept, Kathmandu: Minister for Youth and Sports, Rajendra Kumar KC, today said Futsal must contribute in the growth of Nepal’s popularity in the international community.

Inaugurating the 1st Bir Ganeshman Memorial Cup Open Futsal Tournament organized by Nepal Tarun Dal Kathmandu Metropolis – 26 Unit Committee here, Minister KC noted the increasing attraction of the younger generation towards the indoor sport.

“Such tournaments will play an important role in making Nepal popular in the international sector through the sports medium,” the Minister insisted. He said the development of the sports sector remained vital for the country, development and from the perspective of health.

On the occasion, Minister KC shared the important contribution of late Ganeshman Singh in establishment of democracy in Nepal and the uprising for country’s progress. He also pledged necessary support from the ministry in developing the sports sector.

The tournament being held to develop youths’ attraction towards Futsal – a hard court game of football – will run until September 16. A total of 12 teams are contesting the tournament for the top prize of Rs 50,000. RSS