23 June, Kathmandu: Minister for Labour and Transport Farmullah Mansoor said he and his Ministry were regularly updated about the status of Nepali migrant workers in Qatar and so far no bad news was heard about them from the crisis-stricken gulf country.

Speaking at a face-to-face programme organised by the Reporters’ Club here Friday, the Ministry expressed his confidence that the Qatar problem would end soon.

Switching to domestic affairs, he said the government was busy in homework as it tended to address the voices of those dissatisfied with the constitution through amendment before the election in Province no. 2. The incumbent government was much serious to increase the acceptability of the country’s main law.

The Ministry was confident that the government would conclude the three-tier elections within the constitution deadline or within January 21, 2018. He further tried to make it clear that the election of Province no. 2 was postponed as per the aspirations of political parties and people there. RSS