29 April, Lahan: The Himalayan Sugar Mill at Chandraayodhyapur in Siraha is facing a shortage of raw materials needed for producing sugar.

The production of sugar has gone down in wake of the shortage of sugarcane. The district’s first and one and only sugar mill started producing sugar on December 5, 2016.

Sugar Mill’s Sugarcane Manager, Abadh Kishor Yadav, spoke of the difficulty in operating the mill due to availability of only 500,000 metric tons of sugarcane although there is need of 2.5 million metric tons of sugarcane on a daily basis.

“We are facing problems in the industry due to lack of supply of enough sugarcanes,” he said adding “We are operating only two to three factories in a week due to shortage of sugarcane.”

Of the total of 13 sugar mills in the country, the Himalayan Sugar Mill has claimed that it is the only industry producing quality sugar with a refining system. The Mill, which has the capacity of producing 25,000 quintals of sugar every day, has already produced 47,000 quintals of sugar and sold it in the market. RSS