We all look for better opportunities, a better job, and better work place. Working place matters enormously in our life. Better working environment means a better life, better career, and happiness, that’s what we all want in our life.


But it is not always easy to find better work place. First of all, it is hard to find job alone in this competitive age. Finding the job with high-quality surrounding is a tough ask.

Concentrated colleagues standing in office

Finding better job is really difficult but never lose hope because journey begins with the will and will power.

Here are some solid tips to judge better workplace before you decide to join.


1.High employee turnover rate

Workplace, where employees turnover rate is high, is a risky place for work. Employees don’t leave their job without reason. If people are leaving the job at the high rate, there are high chances work place may not be suitable.

Either people quit the job or asked to leave in high number, it does not make a good sound for employees. Beware and think twice before joining these work place.

2.Work related communication

Healthy organization involves a lot of communication among co-workers. They discuss, debate and argue over issues and reach a conclusion.

If employees mostly keep to themselves and barely interact with each other, it is likely they don’t enjoy working there. You have to avoid joining such a work place

3.Demanding job with no return

If a work place always asks you to give more and go beyond but offers nothing in return, you should not hesitate to leave the job. These workplaces never give you any reason to cheer.

For example, workplace demands you to stay longer but won’t let you go early for a legitimate reason, this is probably a bad place to work.

4.Strict more than required

If workplace fire employees for a minor reason and warn every day to make employees fearful, this is not a good place to work.

When there is fear in the work place, people work to save their job. There is no room for creativity and extra ordinary achievement in a fearful environment.

5.Accurate time table

Sound weird but this is a real problem. When employees leave the job exact time and never stays one minute more to complete the sentence they are typing, it is likely there is not enthusiasm in work place. At happy work place, employees stay longer than mandated hour and everyone does not leave at the exactly same time.