10 Feb, Banepa (Kavre): Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Kumar Karki on Friday stressed the need for linking fast-evolving information technology with each and every development work.

Addressing the two-day interaction related to information and communications organised by the Ministry, he said, “Development will take a rapid pace only after Nepali people have access to knowledge and information. So, all should take this matter into account.”

Admitting the lack of a clear policy in telecommunications, the Minister informed that a data/information bank would be established at the Department of Information while developing postal service as a community information center.

He also said the Ministry was working to provide telecom service in an easy and feasible manner, apart from focusing on establishing its own satellite in Nepal.

Likewise, President of the Development Committee under Legislature-Parliament Rabindra Adhikari pointed out the need for lawmakers to know about modern technology and its benefits.

Ministry Secretary Mahendra Gurung apprised the participants of the event of progress made in the telecommunications.
The programme will discuss the use of modern technology in telecommunications and the launching of new programmes, their implementations and challenges among others.