4 Sept, Myagdi: The Mistri Khola Hydro Power Project is rapidly expanding its infrastructure development at Narchyang of Annapurna rural municipality – 4 here in Myagdi.

The 42 –megawatt project undertaken by the Robust Energy Pvt has been ramping up its construction work for the past 16 months.

The hydro project has built its dam on the confluence of the Nilgiri and Dhalemdi rivers. The project will channel the river water through a 2300 – metre long tunnel and drop it into the power station located on the Kaligandaki river bank along Besigaun stretch of Narchyang through a 287 – metre head.

The construction overseen by the High Himal Hydro Construction has already built 958 – metre long tunnel, Hydro Consult Engineering’s residential engineer, Diwakar Khadka shared.

The project started its construction in June, 2016 and aims to generate electric power by February 2019. The project’s total cost estimate is more than Rs 5.5 billion. The company has also constructed six kilometers of road stretch and three motorable bridges at Purvanarchyang area. RSS