27 August, 2015:

Brittany Pilkington, a 23 year old mother from Bellefontaine, killed her three sons over a 13 month period to make her husband show more attention to their daughter.


Brittany Pilkington admitted to killing her sons

Brittany admitted that she killed her own sons because her husband was paying more attention to them and ignoring the daughter. Now, the young mum is facing a death penalty for her actions where she has been charged for three counts of murder.

The 38 years old father, Joseph Pilkington, knew about his two oldest sons deaths after previously finding their bodies.

The New York Daily News reported that Brittany had an abusive childhood and has suffered through a rough relation with her husband who previously dated her mother. So, given her situation, she is unlikely to be executed.

Logan County Prosecutor William Goslee said: “To imagine a jury that would say that this is a person with a depraved heart that should die at the hands of some chemistry (through lethal injection), I don’t think that’s likely.”