5 May, Ratnanaar (Chitwan): Vehicles will be allowed to ply along the Muglin–Narayangadh road section round-the-clock from May 8 to 17 in view of the first phase local-level election scheduled for May 14.

The Muglin-Narangadh Road Project said the section will remain open for 24 hours for 10 days in view of the May 14 elections. Presently, the 34-KM route is closed for six hours in a day (from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm) as road-widening efforts are undertaken here.

The route is to be opened round-the-clock a few days before and after the after the election for the convenience of people who need to travel their home for voting and bearing in mind the election-related activities. Besides, workers hired for the project will head go home for voting, according to project engineer Shiba Khanal.

Around 1,000 vehicles ply on the route every day, according to Chitwan Police Chief Deepak Thapa. RSS