7 Jan, Nawalparasi: A Multi Sectoral Nutrition Programme has been launched in 28 districts including Nawalparasi.

The National Planning Commission, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Ministry of Health, Education, Women and Children and Livestock Development launched the nutrition programmes in the district through the thematic offices.

During the period awareness programmes will be held on intake of necessary nutritious diets for new mothers, expectant mothers, newly born babies and vaccinations to be taken after the birth.

In Nawalparasi, the programme will be launched in 20 VDCs of Ramgram Municipality. Permission has already been taken for allocation of around Rs 10 million from the ministry for the programme, District Development Committee’s Focal Nutrition Person and Programme Official, Mohan Gyawali said.

The nutrition programme was started in Nepal since 2013. In the starting year, the multi sectoral programme spanned six districts. The very next year the programme was introduced in 11 districts and 11 more in the third year. RSS