20 March, Panchkhal (Kavrepalanchowk): Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has reminded that the Nepal Army has worked with multinational army remaining equidistant during the peace keeping mission.

PM Dahal said this while addressing the gathering attended by the armies from different 28 countries including the US, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nepal. They were receiving training on peace keeping in various circumstances.

He stated that Nepal, which became the member of the UN in 1955, has been collaborating with altogether 41 countries including Lebanon, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Iran and Syria for UN peace keeping mission.

Lauding the UN’s contribution to the peacekeeping, Dahal argued that the UN was the parent organization to all the countries across the world.

The PM also spoke highly of the contributions made by the Nepal Army deployed in various conflict-ridden countries at the request of the UN. He stated that Nepal would move ahead by heeding to the appeal of the UN in dealing with disasters in its member nations if need be.

Altogether 1,024 army persons from 28 countries including those contributing to the United Nations peacekeeping mission are taking part in the 15-day Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise- Shanti Prayas III.

Held for the first time in Nepal, the training being conducted at the Birendra Peace Operation Training Centre at Panchkhal. It will run until April 1.

Aimed at establishing cooperation and unity among armies deputed in the world’s conflict ridden countries under the UN peacekeeping mission, peace keepers will do field exercises to strengthen their defending power.

The NA had begun the implementation of Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise Shanti Prayas III by conducting the Shanti Prayas I in 2000.

On the occasion, Admiral Harry, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command stated that the contributions made by the Nepal Army and American Army personnel in peace keeping were important.

Nepal Army is ranked the sixth biggest contributor to the UN peace keeping mission.

Similarly, US Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B. Teplitz said that the training conducted with the support of the US Pacific Command was being held with the mutual support from Nepal and the USA. RSS