Kathmandu, Nov. 16: The government says necessary security arrangements have been made on the highway for security of all voters going home via road for voting in the Constituent Assembly election on November 19.

Vehicles operating on long and short distances have been provided with the required security and the road transport made regular, the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Shankar Prasad Koirala informed journalists that the election-centred programmes were being held in a fervent manner and in peaceful environment throughout the country today, the last day for conducting election campaign.

Spokesperson Koirala said that 37 innocent people were injured by petrol bombs hurled at vehicles by banda organizers since November 10. The Ministry stated that arrangements have been made for treating them.

Koirala said that an amount of 487 thousand rupees has been made available to the owners of the 31 vehicles that were damaged by the banda-enforcers from November 10 to 15.

He added that 34 people have been taken under control for their involvement in criminal activities like vandalizing vehicles and arson. According to the Ministry, four public vehicles were vandalized or set on fire and explosive devices were set off at three places by banda-enforcers.

Similarly, the Nepalese Army has defused explosive devices and suspicious objects at 23 different places in the country.

A person has been detained with a pistol and nine bullets for it in Dhading, the Ministry stated. RSS