31 July, Kathmandu: Nepal Telecom has announced special discounts for its customers on different services beginning from today. As per the company decision, customers of GSM/CDMA and ADSL/FFTH services are given the promotional offer. Under this 90-day special offer, customers get bonus even for the received call from abroad, as said by Company spokesperson Pratibha Baidya.

Likewise, the ADSL internet service up to one mbps is available for Rs 1,000 per month. Prior to this, the ADSL service customers were paying Rs 1,017 for 256 kbps capacity per month.

Similarly, the service charge of volume-based ADSL has been slashed. Prior to this, the company was charging Rs 1,980 for 21gb data and now 15gb data is available at Rs 300. The price for 25gb data is Rs 500 while 40gb data has been fixed Rs 700, the company said in a press statement. The speed of both data is one mbps.

Likewise, the registration fee for volume-based data has been slashed to Rs 300 from Rs 500 and for the unlimited data is only Rs 200.

FTTH service now double volume is available in the existing tariff. GSM/CDMA prepaid and post-paid customers will be given a free voice call facility for seven minutes and the facility of sending seven text messages within the company network if they receive abroad calls for seven minutes or exceeding it in a week. RSS