3 April, Babiyachaur (Myagdi): The construction of nine more suspension bridges has been launched this year in Myagdi district at an estimated cost of more than Rs 50 million.

The District Coordination Committee is spearheading the construction of the bridges with a goal to complete them within the next four months.

Three bridges will be built at Raghunga, two in Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Malika and one each at Mangala Village Council and Beni Municipality, Committee’s Assistant Sub Engineer, Bal Krishna Poudel said.

Poudel added that the project with an estimated budget of Rs 51.1 million will benefit the locals of Begkhola, Mudi, Darwang, Muna, Beni Municipality, Kuinemangale, Narchyang, Devisthan and Chimkhola.

In the preceding fiscal year 2015-16, a total of 16 suspension bridges were constructed in Myagdi at a cost of Rs 55 million. There are a total of 200 suspension bridges across the district which are being constantly maintained and repaired through caretakers. RSS