5 August, Kathmandu: The transportation fair would not decrease immediately despite the reduction in the price of petroleum products.

According to the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the transport fair would not be reduced as a system of reducing the transport fair has been set in the scientific transport fair determination system only if the price of petroleum products is decreased by more than Rs 5.

The government enforced the Scientific Transport Fair System from March 4, 2009.

Department Spokesperson Mukti KC said, “The public transport fair will not be slashed now as there is a system of adjusting the fair on the basis of the market price of other things used in vehicles and not only the price of petroleum products as per the Scientific Transport Fair System.”

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) decreased the price of diesel, kerosene and petrol by Rs 2.50 per litre and cooking gas by Rs 35 effective from Sunday midnight. Now the price of per litre petrol is Rs 106.50 while that of diesel and kerosene is Rs 84.50. Similarly, price of cooking gas has reached Rs 1,435.

Likewise, the Nepal Airlines Corporation has also reduced the price of aviation fuel. Now, the price of aviation fuel stands at Rs 118 per litre towards domestic flights and 75 US dollars per kilolitre towards international flights. The Nepal Airlines Operators’ Association of Nepal on Tuesday reduced the airfare after the decrease in the price of aviation fuel. RSS