14 July, Paris:U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Paris on Thursday morning in a diplomatic move to soften divergence with France over climate change and trade liberalization by seeking common ground on security and fight against terrorism.

On the agenda, Trump met with American embassy staff where he is scheduled to have lunch with military officials. Later in the afternoon, he will join Macron at Les Invalides military museum before holding talks on war in Syria and ways to better coordinate efforts to combat terrorism.

Macron, who denounced Washington decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord, will seek to press Trump to do more for deteriorating climate change, a source close to the Elysee was quoted as saying by local media.

Speaking to regional newspaper Ouest France, French head of state said “both countries have an essential point of convergence: the fight against terrorism and protecting our vital interests in the Middle East and in Africa.”
“We need the United States of America. That’s why I invited Donald Trump… to pay tribute and celebrate a relationship which is unavoidable in the security field,” he added.

Trump will end the first day of his first visit to France at a prestigious restaurant later in the evening in the second floor of the landmark Eiffel tower that offers a pristine panoramic view of the French capital.
That was a move widely seen as a response to Trump’s earlier remarks, saying that “France is no longer France”, following a series of terrorist attacks and alarming number of refugees.

Macron and Trump will attend on Friday Bastille Day parade which commemorates the entry 100 years ago of the American troops into World War I. Xinhua