Ilam, Nov. 16: Chairman of the CPN (UML), Jhala Nath Khanal, said the UML would emerge the largest political force in the second Constituent Assembly (CA).

Addressing an election gathering of the UML in Fikkal, Ilam, on Saturday, Chairman Khanal claimed that the nation failed to get a new constitution from the first CA as his party had been a third force but it would establish itself as the first political force in terms of the number of seats and lead the constitution writing.

Former Prime Minister Khanal, who is also candidate from Ilam Constituency 1, claimed that the CA election process would not be disrupted just the 33-party alliance of poll opposing political parties including the CPN-Maoist boycotted the election.

“The CA election will not be disrupted whatever happened for all sides are focused on election,” said UML Chairman Khanal.

UML leader Khanal urged the poll opposing political parties to carry out their anti-election activities in a peaceful manner.

Venting ire against the NC cadres after they attempted to disrupt election gathering on Saturday afternoon, Khanal claimed the first CA was failed to write new constitution due to such hooliganism character.

The NC cadres tried to disrupt the gathering but police and the UML cadres had removed them from the programme venue. RSS