25 August, Dang: With the monsoon season in full swing, the number of patients seeking treatment for various diseases has shot up.

Patients seeking treatment for cough and cold, typhoid and diarrhea at the district hospital and the private medical institutes has grown unexpectedly.

The number of patients arriving at the Ghorahi – based Rapti Sub Regional Hospital for viral fever, hepatitis, dysentery and jaundice among other diseases has increased two fold. The viral fever patients have increased at the regional hospital including the Zonal Hospital Tulsipur, Lamahi hospital at Deukhuri, health posts and private clinics.

The Rapti Sub Regional Hospital’s Dr Jit Narayan Yadav has called for special care citing the diseases seen among the patients are seasonal.

Dr Subodh Sharma says that more than 200 patients are seeking treatment for viral fever at the hospitals on a daily basis. RSS