18 Oct, Ratnanagar, Chitwan:: So far 265 people have been found infected with scrub typhus in Chitwan in the past three months.

According to the District Public Health Office, Chitwan, the scrub typhus, an infectious mite-borne disease that is caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, have been detected on such a number of people. Likewise, the number of dengue patients is 18 .

In the past three months, 1,076 people underwent test for scrub typhus while 644 suspected for dengue, said office vector controller Ram Kumar KC.

Being based on reports received from various health facilities in the districts, the latest cases of scrub typhus and dengue were determined.

Fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes, muscular rash and body pain are among the symptoms of scrub typhus.

Orientia tsutsugamushi is transmitted by a mite which feeds on forest and rural rodents including rats, voles and field mice.

Dengue is caused by a female mosquito called aedes aegypti. RSS