Kathmandu, Feb 16: As many as 393 incidents of violation of journalist code of conduct were occurred in a year, reveals the Press Council Nepal. 
Deepak Khanal, Information Officer at Press Council, shared total 244 incidents of code violation were found based on complaint registration and self-regulation from PCN in a year from mid-February 2018 to mid-February 2019. 
Among the cases with complaint registration include 67 related to print media and 82 related to electronic media. Likewise, out of other incidents of code violation detected in course of self-regulation, 13 were related to print media while 231 electronic media. 
Some 199 incidents among total violation incidents were settled during the period, he informed. 
According to Khanal, a meeting of the Print Media and Electronic Media Code of Conduct Monitoring Sub-committee under the PCN has enlisted over 16 mass media as code violators. 
Khanal further said the media would be directed to publish refutation of concerned side, publish refutation with regret and cautioned not to publish news against the code of conducts. 
In order to check the code breaching incidents, the Council has been putting numbers of actions, including reducing score of the media breaching code during classification, recommending for suspension of press pass, recommendations for holding the amount of public welfare advertisement and mediation for resolving problems. —