13 Nov-Kathmandu: The Armed Police Force (APF) is going to mobilize a ‘flying squad’ to monitor the Constituent Assembly election activities.


The flying squad is a mobile group of trained police personnel able to move quickly in the case of emergencies.


The squads constituted under the leadership of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in all five development regions has been active from Tuesday and would be mobilized during the election period, said Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ajay Chhatkuli.

The squads hold the power to monitor the elections including whether or not the budget, vehicles, fuel, means of communications, and other goods allocated by the APF Unit were properly used.


The teams would also monitor violation of human rights, good conduct, and financial discipline.


Similarly, the APF has managed different teams led by senior police officers by adding human resource in the Central and Regional Election Cells on 24-hour duty to monitor the CA election activities from today itself. RSS