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Rabid dog attacks cattle and human in two VDCs

1 Feb, Kalikot: People in two Village Development Committees (VDCs) in the district are living under the fear of rabid dogs. Three people have fallen ill in Lalu and Malkot VDCs after they were bitten by rabid dogs that roam the...

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Journalist Joshi passes away

31 Jan, Bhadrapur: Senior journalist Krishna Lal Joshi 89 was passed away at his house at Arjundhara in Jhapa district on Wednesday.Joshi was the president of the Nepal Journalists’ Association, Nepali migrants’...

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Cousin kills Uncle

31 Jan, Sindhupalchowk: last night,a 59-year-old man was murdered by his cousin over a minor dispute at Bhotenamlang VDC in Sindhupalchowk district on Wednesday night. Harka Bahadur Tamang, 31, killed his uncle Chini Bahadur...

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Early Marriage compelled girls to quit school

31 Jan , Nepalgunj: Girls of the Muslim and the Madhesi communities in Banke district are compelled to drop out from school without completion of their education due to family pressure. Gender discrimination, superstitious...

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