Bharatpur, Feb 16 : Almost 50 percent construction of four bridges along the Narayangarh-Muglin road stretch has so far completed. 
According to Shiva Khanal, engineer at Narayangarh-Muglin road project, construction of bridges at Jalbire, Mauri, Khanikhola and Dasdhunga is taking place in a speedy manner. 
“Almost 50 percent of the bridge construction works are complete”, Khanal said, adding that, “Progress of bridge construction in Jalbire is 34 percent while other bridges have witnessed the progress of over 70 percent”. 
It may be noted that Rautaha Construction was awarded the contract for the construction of a bridge at Jalbire whereas other three bridges are being built by the Lama Construction. 
The Jalbire bridge is 80 metres in length while Mauri and Khanikhola bridges each is 30 metres and Dasdhunga bridge 20 metre. 
“The bridges being constructed by Lama Construction would be completed by mid-May while the Jalbire bridge is likely to take more time for completion”, Khanal informed. —