Janakpurdham, April 13: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota has said the adherence to determination, sense of responsibility and accountability would ultimately do good for the country, organisation and people’s life.

Taking part in a discussion organised by the Nepal Telecom Janakpurdham Office today, the line minister highlighted the need of reliable structure, management and proactiveness to win the people’s heart and to keep the company’s image and reputation safe.

He was of the view that the current pace of the company would not ensure its bright future. The challenge at present for the company is that it should present reliable visions and plans before its customers for transforming it into a number one entity.

The Communications and Information Technology Minister directed the telecom employees to work honestly.

He underlined the need of positive initiations on part of company management and employees for effective enforcement of its share distribution scheme and for solution to the networking issue.
NT managing director Dilli Ram Adhikari and office chief Chinmaya Anand apprised the minister of vivid issues facing the company and office. RSS