1 Dec, Tehran: An earthquake, measuring at 6.0 degrees magnitude, hit southeast Iran’s on Friday, according to Iran’s Press TV. The quake was centered near the city of Kerman, capital of Kerman Province, the report said.

The tremor was felt in several villages near the city and people were droven out from rooms to the street, but there is no report on casualties and house damages so far, the Press TV reported.

On Nov. 12, strong earthquake measuring 7.3 degrees magnitude hit Iran-Iran border area. More than 470 people were killed, over 9,000 people injured and 16,000 houses damaged in Iran’s Kermanshah Province.

The deadliest quake in Iran’s modern history happened in June 1990. It destroyed several cities and hundreds of villages in north Iran, killing an estimated 37,000 people. Bam, also in Kerman Province, witnessed a strong quake in December 2003 which killed 31,000 people.