9 June, Kathmandu: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said making the constitution all-accepted and successfully holding the second-phase of local-level election were the immediate plans of the government.

Taking a special time at the Legislature-Parliament session today, the Prime Minister pledged to commence the constitution amendment process also on the consent of the main opposition after the completion of local-level election.

In his view about the dispute over the Bharatpur Metropolitan City vote count, he said this was not the first time when ballot papers were torn and all political parties would take and understand the Bharatpur incident in line with the decision of the Election Commission on the issue, and side by side should realise that that matter was subjudice at the Supreme Court.

He went on to say that he was always in favour of the inclusive proportional representation and was incessantly struggling towards that end.

The Prime Minister further added that he was clear about the subjects guaranteed by the constitution and constantly believed on national consensus and collaboration and would move ahead accordingly.

Recalling the party support to CPN (UML) leader Madhav Kumar Nepal to become the prime minister in the past, the newly-elected Prime Minister said the main opposition was also the state organ and it would be given appropriate responsibility and role in his government.

The PM underscored the need of amending the constitution as per the aspirations of the Madhesis, reiterating the commitment to amend the constitution after the second phase local level election.

“There was no situation of passing the constitution amendment proposal in the past. We are making consistent efforts to that end. The Madhes-centric parties should take part in the election and I am confident that they will do so,” he said.

Noting that he would not allow the national integration and sense of nationality to weaken, the Prime Minister shared that the government would move forward by giving appropriate respect to the aspirations of all sections and sides.

He stated that Nepal has adopted an inclusive proportional representation system nowhere to be found in the world, stressing on the need of moving ahead towards securing more rights while institutionalising the rights that have been already established.

“The government remains unwavering to going ahead with conducting the three tiers of elections as per the constitutional provision,” PM Deuba reiterated.
The Legislature-Parliament will next convene at 13.00 Hrs on Sunday, June 11. RSS