4 Sept, Kathmandu: Shops selling so-called international brand goods in Durbarmarg have been sealed after being found of duping customers by as high as 1000 per cent profit margin.

A surprise monitoring by a team led by Supplies Minister Shiva Kumar Mandal found the shops selling goods in the name of Dashain festival discount after having heavily increased the cost price of the products on sale. Four such shops including Storeone, Bentley, Puma and Nike showrooms in Durbarmarg were sealed on Monday. These shops were found selling goods without a receipt, charging high price and increasing the cost price massively before selling them in so-called sale, said Minister Mandal.

The Nike showroom in Durbarmarg was found selling a pair of shoes that cost Rs. 4,700 for Rs. 26,990.

Likewise, the Northface outlet was found selling a product for Rs. 13,000 but providing the receipt for only Rs. 4,000. As the shop owners were found selling goods with a huge difference between the cost and selling price, they have been directed to be present at the concerned authority with necessary documents of all transaction within the next three days.

On the occasion, Supplies Minister Mandal expressed the determination to check such activities of cheating of the consumers in coordination with the entrepreneurs and consumers.

The team also carried out an inspection at City Centre, Northface outlet in Thamel and Bhatbhateni, Naxal.

The anti-black marketing act prohibits a profit margin higher than 20 per cent and hence those found charging excessive profit margin will face action as per the act, said Director General of Supplies Management and Consumers Interest Protection Department Kumar Dahal. RSS