20 April, Tokyo (Japan): Japanese Crown Princess Hanako Hitachi has appreciated Nepali people to be more diligent and custodian of their conscience than the Japanese people.

Noting that she has special faith and feeling to Nepal and Nepali people, the Crown Princess said the Japanese Royal family has different notion to Nepal.

At a daylong charity fair organized by the Society of Asian Entrepreneurs Women Co-Workers in Japanese capital, Tokyo, Princess Hanako as the chief guest said Nepal and Nepali people have maintained appreciated image.

Amidst the presence of Ambassadors and representatives from 36 countries, She further noted that her trust with Nepal cannot be expressed in any words.

The Crown Princess also observed the Nepalese handicrafts, foods and other products put in stalls.
It was shared that more than 50,000 people had visited the Nepali fair in Tokyo. RSS