Human Beings have appetite for the power, no  matter, what that so-called power means.  Human beings seek power to rule, power to conquer and power to exist. One of the powers, we human beings desire is the power of leadership.

We learn what is leadership but we barely understand the essence of it, We know leadership in a way of leading others .However, we never know the reason behind it. From the very root level to the top most level, human beings seek leadership, attain it but are never meant to manifest its real assets.

Ajit Bhatta writer


To be a leader, there is need of action and that action is what we call ‘Human Service’ . Because , the job of leaders today is to see the best in human beings who have never caught sight of the best within themselves.

The leader in fact is not the one who acts supremely, commanding people to perform their duties ,he/she is rather the one who sees hubris in others and inspires them to tackle their setbacks and overcome them with great passion and also desire for their goal.leadership banner

One of the greatest leaders of all time Sir. Martin Luther king. Jr said, ” Life’s most persistent and urgent question is , ‘what are you doing for others ?’ There is no other higher religion than human Service, to work for common goal is the greatest creed.

 As the human beings, we all dream to be a leader. However, there arises a crisis when we lack those leadership abilities.

Whether at School, colleges, or any seminars we hesitate to take initiative in any program  because we feel inferior in front of others. We lack confidence ,we become nervous, we fear. But ,the leadership is fascinating to those who choose to take initiative in any development activities because leaders are those who have will power to tackle those fears and anxieties because those fears and anxieties are challenges along with opportunities for the achievement of human  goals.

People don’t remember our mistakes but what they remember is what we have done for them and the influences we have created in their minds. The rule of human life cycle is either we move ahead or stay back.

Our own will determines our success. Even if we decide to make small deeds, that is crucial achievement in human life because  leadership focuses on the point, ” Small deeds are better than great deeds planned . ” ‘ No matter how it be but there are always helping hands to support  ideas and there comes an inspiration through initiation and that initiation is the greatest spirit of leadership.

Every one is a leader because every humans are of same natural degree , only the  thing lacking is the lack of smart thinking. To think big enough is the mandatory for success. So , the discovery of rational thinking in human mind is a crucial step in the development of leadership ability.

Leadership is not a competition , but it’s the performance or making the best use of our ability. Leadership isn’t one that creates discovery but it’s the self discovery that creates leadership.  We can remember one important message by Mahatma Gandhi  , ” Be the change that you wish to see most in your world , And once you do ,your life will change itself. “

Ajit Bhatta

The Times International College