23 March, Liwang (Rolpa): Most of the Tuberculosis patients of Rolpa district have been found to turn up to health facilities in life-threatening stage only.

According to Dr Tejendra Yadav of District Health Office Rolpa, normally the patients do not come to the health facilities, including hospital because of geographical remoteness, poverty, inadequate awareness and illiteracy.
However, the urban area educated patients approach the health facilities to have their health check-up.

TB Leprosy Officer at Rolpa District Health Office Nokhraj Pokharel shared that as many as 865 TB patients received treatment service from the health facilities of the district in the past three years.

Among the TB patients in the district are found affected from the complications of lungs, gland, intestine and bone. A TB patient can communicate the disease to other 10 people during life time.

Former teacher Khobi Lal Subedi stressed the need that the wider stakeholders including government and non-government organizations coupled with media should launch massive public awareness creation campaign to make people aware about the disease and get proper treatment on time. RSS