By Raimundo Urrechaga
HAVANA, June 30: (Xinhua) – Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has become prosperous and adaptable and home to incredible levels innovation, a Cuban expert told Xinhua in a recent interview.

By maintaining the nation’s unity and carrying out reforms, the CPC has helped the country become the world’s second economy, said Ruben Zardoya, an expert on Chinese issues.

“The CPC has guided the reforms and opening-up as well as the socialist society with Chinese characteristics, enhancing the people’s confidence in its leadership, something that didn’t happen in the past in other socialist countries,” said the expert.China’s success is partly due to the CPC’s conception of building a prosperous society with its own features and not copying any other models or socialist experiences, said Zardoya.
“China’s socialism and the roots of its party are based on the nation’s sovereignty, the unity of its people as well as the successful economic and social reforms undertaken to develop the nation,” the expert said.

The CPC, he stressed, constantly transcends its past success because it can adapt to new notions, thoughts and political strategies as a way of uniting and leading the Chinese people.
Zardoya added that the CPC, which will celebrate its 95th anniversary on July 1, is also facing some challenges both economically and politically.For example, “the ongoing anti-corruption campaign is very necessary” that will uphold the party’s prestige and strengthen people’s trust in it, he said.

The Cuban expert said the current Chinese leadership is vital to maintaining the unity of the country and continuing economic reforms, which will make China one of the most important nations in the world.

Despite slower growth caused by economic transitions, China is experiencing positive changes that can be a source of growth in the near future, Zardoya said.
“The Chinese leadership in this new stage of economic transition is remarkably important towards the full blossoming of Chinese socialism which will lead to an independent, developed and sovereign society,” he said.

“Cuba must learn from China. Its process of reforms and opening-up is definitely an important reference for the island’s Communist Party in these times of change in our nation,” added the expert.