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Robbers kill an old couple at Sindhupalchowk

30 Jan, Chautara: Last night a gang of lotters  killed an old couple at Listi VDC in Sindhupalchowk district .The gang of robbers  in the strength of eight to 10 persons murdered Bhakta Bahadur Pradhan, 60, and his wife Mana...

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Kumalgoun first decleared as smoke free VDC

30 Jan, Kalikot: The Kumalgaon Village Development Committee (VDC) in Kalikot district has been declared the first smoke-free VDC in the entire Karnali Zone. Kumalgaon VDC with 500 houses lies some 20 kilometres to the...

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90 million transactions at Mobile Expo

30 Jan, Kathmandu :Nearly 90 million rupees transactions were carried out at the mobile expo which was organised by the Nepal Mobile  Entrepreneurs  .The second mobile expo was held at the Civil Mall at local Sundhara from...

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Heart breaking moment is capured by camera while night bird owl heartlessly grabbed a cat in night. This incident was happened in minnesota, USA. Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds, although a few species...

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