4 Dec, Lalitpur: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has underscored the need for regional cooperation, unity and collaboration to address issues of climate change and mountain development in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the international conference on ‘Resilient Hindu Kush Himalaya: Developing Solutions towards a Sustainable Future for Asia’ organized in Lalitpur on Sunday, the President said the Hindu Kush Himalaya region is the lifeline to tens of millions, and the impact of climate change and other human activities affect the region as a whole.

According to her, climate change has direct implication on livelihoods of citizens and environment because of negative impacts on agriculture systems, availability of water and the earth’s ecosystem.

“Taking into account the need for economic development and maintaining harmony with nature, adverse consequences of climate changes are badly impacting lives of women of the Hindu Kush Himalaya Regions even more,” she said, expecting that the international conference would come out with appropriate guidelines.

On the occasion, Minister for Population and Environment, Mithila Chaudhary, said the global impacts of climate change have not spared the Hindu Kush region. “Nepal government is committed to alleviating these impacts. It has ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

She also expressed her belief that the conference would provide valuable inputs to environmental conservation and sustainable development efforts of all participating nations. RSS