29 Nov, Kathmandu: The CPN (UML) has stated that it has been conducting the election publicity well within the limits of the code of conduct for the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections as determined by the Election Commission.

Spokesman of the UML Election Mobilization Committee, Bishnu Rimal stated in a press release he issued today that all the election publicity programmes were being conducted by following the code of conduct fixed by the Election Commission.

“We should take the abidance to the code of conduct determined by a respected institution like the Election Commission as a duty and responsibility, and not as a compulsion,” the press release states.

The UML has urged the voters and supporters to carry out the election campaigns in which the election symbol or the portraits of the party leaders are used while remaining within the boundaries of the election code of conduct. The Election Commission had sought clarification from UML chairman KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday on the issue of the UML carrying out election campaign by flouting the election code of conduct. RSS