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New Municipalities: A Decision Without VisionKamal Devkota

In May 2014, Nepal government announced 72 new municipalities, marking a significant urban shift in Nepalese society. With already existing 41, Nepal now has...

Rising Against Violence to GirlsMahesh Paudyal

In a historic show of solidarity, thousands of Nepali-speaking people in the Indian state of Manipur took to the street and blocked the national...

Political parties fail to deliver democratic politics in Nepal Chandra S. Poudyal

Since 1990,  Nepali people have experienced multi-party democracy in the country. But there is still a confusion among the people on what  ‘democracy’ means...

Citizens losing control over political decisions in Nepal Dr. Hemant R Ojha

Despite unfolding democratic change in Nepal, political representation in policy decision making has remained extremely limited, and has even worsened.   In Nepal, the current...